Oceanum Dining Chairs (Sold in Pairs)

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Product Information

Brand: Alf Italia
Collection: Oceanum
Color: Cobalt Eukalyptus Veneer High gloss
Material: Wood Veneer

Chair: W 20" x D 22" x H 41" 


The Oceanum dining chairs are truly eye-catching with their captivating aniline blue legs. Designed to perfectly complement the Oceanum dining tables, these chairs create a harmonious and stylish dining ensemble.

The chairs feature a sleek taupe eco leather upholstery, adorned with a blue rhombus-stitched pattern. This unique design adds a touch of modern elegance to the chairs. The top trim, in the same striking blue as the legs, beautifully completes the overall look.

Experience the exceptional craftsmanship and attention to detail of the Oceanum dining chairs. Made in Italy, these chairs embody quality and style, elevating your dining experience. Embrace the captivating combination of colors and patterns, creating a visually stunning and inviting dining space.

Made In Italy

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