Lotus Cocktail Table 2082 | Elite Modern

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Product Information

Brand Elite Modern
Category Occasional Tables
Material Assortment of metals

Overall 39.5ø x 16.75h
Stone Top ¾"
Introducing the Lotus cocktail table, a design inspired by the elegance of the lotus flower. Its rounded shape and three-legged base create a harmonious and inviting presence.

The lotus flower influence is most pronounced in the infused glass tabletop, offering a dynamic interplay of design options. This art glass surface adds an element of sophistication and mystique to your space, sparking admiration and conversation.

The three-legged base mimics the graceful petals of a lotus flower, providing stability while infusing an organic and modern touch into the table's overall aesthetic. With various metal finishes available for the base, you can select the perfect complement for your décor.

The Lotus collection seamlessly adapts to different environments, enhancing aesthetics with its blend of minimalistic design, sophistication, and artistic charm.

Special Order, 6 - 8 Weeks Lead time.

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