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Product Information

Brand: Alf Italia
Collection: Heritage
Color: Dark Velvet Birch
Material: Wood Vene

Size: W 67" x D 21" x H 20"  

Introducing the Heritage TV Base: Timeless Elegance in Modern Entertainment

Upgrade your entertainment area with the exquisite Heritage TV Base. This elegant piece combines timeless charm with modern design elements to create a stunning focal point for your living room.

With its Dark Velvet Birch finish and elegant Chrome accents, the Heritage TV Base exudes sophistication and style. The rich and lustrous Dark Velvet Birch finish adds depth and warmth to your space, while the Chrome accents provide a touch of contemporary flair, enhancing the overall aesthetic appeal.

Designed to accommodate your television and media devices, the Heritage TV Base offers both functionality and elegance. It features ample storage space with shelves and compartments, allowing you to organize your electronics and media accessories effortlessly. Keep your living room neat and clutter-free while enjoying your favorite entertainment.

The Heritage TV Base not only provides practicality but also serves as a statement piece in your home. Its timeless yet modern design seamlessly blends with various interior styles, making it a versatile choice for any decor.

Experience the perfect combination of timeless elegance and modern design with the Heritage TV Base. Transform your living room into a space of sophistication and entertainment, where style meets functionality.
Made In Italy

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